Sunday, July 25, 2010

So things have been moving quite quickly as of late. It is the end of July already. A while back, I penned out nine or ten days on my calender that didn't have anything on them. I said, I'm motorcycling to Colorado, solo, to visit old friends. So twenty three hundred miles later, I'm back, and I'm alive and living life with some renewed zeal so to speak. Eighty five miles per hour sometimes for hours at a time, on a thirty six year old motorcycle. For some reason, risking your life and limb to have the wind wipe everything the world has to offer right off your face, your shoulders, your back. Turn and face the game.
So jump right back into twelve hour work days right when you return to have rings for people and deadlines. Not the most relaxing transition, though sometimes there isn't much you can do.
But I'm doing good work these days. I enjoy each day showing up at work to create. Lucky I am. Friends. Acquaintances. Always redefining who fits into which category. One person can be both at different times of your lives. Good friends. We have it good.
Just tuned the motorcycle after I limped it home a bit. Runs so much better now, took it up skyliner for buzz, nice night. I'm thinking Opal Creek could be the next run she goes on.....

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